Tuesday, March 25

Twitter's 8th Birthday

It's hard to believe that Twitter has only been around for 8 years!  For those of us who live on it, it's hard to imagine life before Twitter.  I know it's changed my professional life immensely.  I've also formed some amazing friendships on Twitter as well, and been able to keep in touch with people from around the industry that would be difficult to do otherwise.  I'm a grateful participant.

PRWeek wrote up a "celebration" of sorts in honor of Twitter's birthday milestone, to which I contributed.

Give it a read here, if you'd like.  A few folks commented on the impact that Twitter has made, and it's quite interesting to hear the different perspectives.

I'd love to hear your perspective as well ... what's your experience?  JIM.

PS - I'd like to honor all my #Exp peeps ... together we have changed how we view pop culture event television and you've all made it a blast.  Thank you!  And thank you Mike Brown for the inspiration to get the party started with that very first Super Bowl event.  Thank you!

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