Thursday, March 6

Writers Ride for Free

So many brands are talking about content marketing ... trying to find their unique twist on what they can offer their consumers to add value to their lives, and trying to find their unique way of creating it easily and efficiently.

It's not an easy task.

But along comes Amtrak with their own twist to it ... giving others a safe haven to create content.

Amtrak's "Writers in Residency."

Basically the company is giving free rides to writers with the one caveat that they have to blog and tweet about their experience.  Say what?

So imagine you are working on your great American novel and you hit writer's block.  A long smooth ride from NY to Chicago and back again may be just the inspiration you need to throw down a series of chapters.  What a brilliant idea!  The story has it that the whole idea started with a single tweet from a writer, and Amtrak jumped on it.  Proof that they are into their social media.

As a writer myself, I just love it and welcome any brand that supports a creative craft.  As a marketer, I think it's such a clever way to keep the brand fresh and give it some meaning, with a certain cool factor that would be hard to put into a traditional advertising campaign ... so the brand hit social media, letting its riders speak for the brand.

Just the ticket!

What's your experience?  JIM.

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