Wednesday, April 9

A Great Story from Thai Life Insurance

I just love this incredible storytelling from Thai Life Insurance.   Gives meaning behind what life's all about, something that seems to be a recurring theme these days ... all around the globe.  We're seeing an amazing number of brands proving that marketing is both reflecting pop culture values and also influencing them, at the same time.  As brands should be.

It grabbed over two million views in just two days.

Give this incredible story a look, but grab a tissue first!

Thai Life Insurance ... Believe in Good.  A friend reminded me that this reminded her that it's not always about instant gratification.  It's the little things in life, that come over time, that are the most rewarding. Indeed.  If a brand can remind us of that, then that's a "good" brand.

Certainly inspires a life of giving back, something well played as an insurance company.

What's your experience?  JIM.