Wednesday, April 16

Even Beard Transplants

I spent the day out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last weekend, a place recently noted as the "hipster" capital of the country, if not world.  Easy to see why ... it was quite a cool crowd and the streets were filled with boutiques, restaurants, bars, and lots in between.

A couple things to note:

No tourists.  These were all NYers, no doubt about it.  While Manhattan has become the land of the visitor and the part-timer, Williamsburg is feeling like NY used to be back in the day.  A big mix of ages, races, and flavors living and socializing together, as is NY.

In addition to no tourists, there were no chains.  Not one in sight, not even a Starbucks.  The store fronts were filled with entrepreneurs and small business owners, and if there was anything that might resemble a chain (like the Goorin Brothers hat store), it certainly didn't feel like a mass market chain.

And just as noticeable ... facial hair.  It's been noted that the craze for facial hair started with the hipsters in Brooklyn and I can now certainly see why.  There was barely a clean-shaven guy around, sans me.  Facial hair is where it's at.  So much so that it's been reported that many in the neighborhood are starting to get beard transplants.  Transplants of facial hair!  You know, to fill in the patches or to add scruff to what otherwise might be a baby-face.  Even beard transplants!  Evidently the procedure takes hair from another part of your body and transplants it on your face.  It grows naturally to fill in either a five o'clock shadow, a scruff, or a full on grown-out beard.  Wow!

It was quite the day, I have to say.  Something I plan to rinse and repeat often.  Next time I won't shave though.

What's your experience?  JIM.


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