Tuesday, April 1

You're On. Diet Coke.

As a die-hard diet soda drinker, I actually understand this new campaign from Diet Coke.  And as a long time Diet Pepsi drinker who switched loyalty a few years back, I understand it even more.

(that's a long story for another day)

But as a die-hard social media participant, I actually also understand all the buzz.

You're On.  Diet Coke.

It's a new tagline/headline as featured in a new digital, outdoor, and print campaign (and perhaps more) from Diet Coke.

Depending on how you read it, nothing to be chatting about.  The campaign talks about all that you've achieved ... you're on!  Got it.

Depending on how you read it, there's plenty to chuckle about, particularly if you overlook the word "Diet" in the logo attached to the tagline.

I highly doubt the brand intended anything other than to be motivating, optimistic, and celebratory of the over-achievers amongst us ... this has been their campaign strategy for quite some time now.  This creative execution is just an extension.

So calm down folks, to my eye this is just an opportunity to fix a graphics and typography issue that makes the whole discussion mute.  But then again, it's these kinds of issues that make for social media fodder which isn't always necessarily bad.

As I always say, "marketing is a spectator sport!"

What's your experience?  JIM.

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