Thursday, May 1

Are the Police a Brand?

Well the Sarasota Police Department certainly thinks so ... they've partnered with local Ringling College of Art & Design for a total rebranding project.

Blue + You ... a SPD Community Initiative.

It's quite brilliant actually.  And as one of the college students working on the project so perfectly said:  "We're not rebranding the police department, we're rebranding the police department's relationship with the community." (although admittedly it does sound like a health insurance company but that's another story)

Still brilliant.

The initiative includes a new website, community outreach, logo/visual identity, and events ... like "Blue + Movies + You" which is a community event to screen the new movie Despicable Me 2.

Brilliant again. Click here to watch a clip that captures it all.

Now Sarasota's counterparts up North aren't having the same luck with their program.  The NYPD started a Twitter campaign encouraging New Yorkers to post pictures of themselves with police officers at #myNYPD.  The campaign quickly backfired as tweeters used the opportunity to post pictures of police abuse and misconduct.  #Ouch.

Meanwhile, just a few months ago a photo went viral showing a NYPD officer helping a homeless person, giving serious boost to the "brand."

Proving once again that consumers control the message.  As marketers we can put it out there, and then it's up to our consumers to decide what to do with it.  Proving once again the need to really understand your consumer and what they are looking for, with a lot of upfront research to help guide your decisions.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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