Thursday, May 8

Call of Duty Trailer

At the beginning of every one of my classes at NYU, we start with "the week in marketing," where we talk about brand activity we've observed over the past week.  It's fun to see what hits the students radar and it's such a learning experience.

One student brought in this video release that was certainly "blog worthy" in my book!

It's a brand that takes a page out of movie marketing, right when all the summer blockbusters are starting to kick into gear.  Clearly blockbuster movies aren't the only entertainment properties that are doing amazing marketing.

This is the latest installment of Call of Duty ... the brand is doing what a movie would do to generate attention and excitement ... launching an amazing trailer ahead of the game release.  A trailer that has entertainment value in its own right.  A trailer that gets fans (and perhaps non-fans) so excited that they can't wait for "opening day."  Highly creative and visual, with a compelling storyline that makes you want to run out and buy the game.  

See the "movie-quality" trailer here for the release of the most recent Call of Duty game:

Amazing, right?  What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. Wow - they did a great job with Kevin Spacey! He looks so real! :) I love that they promoted the storyline here. I feel that a lot of video games promote the "mission" or game objective, but this trailer (I want to call it a trailer, not an ad/commercial!) clearly does have a compelling plot line. It feels like a movie but they also made it clear right from the start it's a game. Very smart. I've never played before, but I'm intrigued!

  2. I absolutely love this video! I'm such a huge fan of video game trailers! I think Call of Duty was getting tons of criticism for being way too vapid in regards to goals/objectives (and also criticism for being without plot) and this seems like a response to that! I'm so glad they picked someone as iconic as Spacey, as well.

    I feel like Dead Island really paved the way these trailers! It's wonderful how in all these trailers, so little context is given but we are so familiar with these tropes/stories, that all we need is a particular figure/plot to hook us in (e.g. Spacey on "democracy" or a family vacation!). You should check out the video when you get the time!

  3. Wow this truely looks like a movie trailer! It is quite long so I feel they could have shortened it a bit, but it is very well done and creates the exciting experience that the customers will have when they purchase the game. It gets customers excited about playing the game when it is released. Kevin Spacey was a smart and strategic choice to the brand to use in the ad. They were sucessful is creating a unique ad that portrays the experience the gamer will have and desires to have.

  4. The character animation in this trailer (and these games in general) is just phenomenal! And now, yet another version of the game that my boys can't wait (for me) to buy.

  5. Gislaine EdwardsMay 9, 2014 at 6:05 PM

    Wow...this was truly an amazing trailer. There has definitely been a movement towards integrating marketing with gamifacation to increase brand loyalty. Below is a video another brand, Nike from 2011 that has also used gamification to reach the consumer. Enjoy!!

  6. Capitalizing on the popularity on Kevin Spacey's House of Cards role was indeed a smart move on the Call of Duty team's part. They've got a great chance at bringing in a crossover audience in addition to the loyal Call of Duty players.

    Another effective game trailer (at least for me, personally) was for 2K Games WWE 2K14, released earlier this year. It promoted a gaming experience that promised to take players back in time to relive their favorite moments in wrestling. The WWE has been targeting an audience nostalgic for their past product recently, and the trailer for this game drives home their messaging of "Then. Now. Forever."

  7. This trailer is amazing. I have never been incluned to video games, but it touches deep inside with intrigue and brings you into the scene. Making you think for a moment that you are watching a movie.