Friday, May 23

Colgate: Close the Tap

I love when a brand puts itself aside for a moment and helps move an issue forward.

As marketers, it's not easy putting your brand in the back seat ... we are generally in a situation where we are trying to sell a product or service, not necessarily take on an issue.

But when that issue is important to our consumers and close to our brand's core existence, then I believe a brand should help to further it along.  We are seeing more and more brands feel this way.

Evidently, so does Colgate.

Here in this video, Colgate tackles a behavior that I'm betting most of us do ourselves. But the brand sheds new light on it, causing us to think twice about our own personal impact.  In a part of the home very near and dear to the brand's heart.

It caused me to think twice this morning ... what's your experience?  JIM.

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