Monday, May 5

How to Make Content Shareable

The world's a buzz about content marketing, but the only way you can get a buzz is if you make it all shareable.  Here's my next installment in my content marketing series at Entrepreneur ... how to make your marketing content shareable.

Give it a click here if you'd like to read it, and share it :)-

What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. Your article on Entrepreneur was full of great tips! Thank you. Among all of them I want to emphasize importance of “emotional” content in effort of making it sharable and to go viral! There was a study by BuzzFeed, analysis of 1000 of the website’s most shared stories to reveal patterns about emotions and sharing. It is said that 25% stories evoked happiness and 25% anger. Light-hearted, uplifting content is easy to share. Also people response to an article to protest its stance on an issue. Here’s very resourceful article from JMR “Emotion and virality - what makes online content viral” by Jonah Berger:

  2. Thank you so much professor Joseph for your article!
    It's amazing how marketing has changed. It seems to me that it is becoming more challenging and engaging. Unlike many people thought in the past, content and especially creative content has become a powerful vehicle for brands. As you mentioned, the goal is not just getting noticed or create dialogue but to add great value that people want to share our content with others. The same as a loyal customer does when she/he recommends a product to a friend.
    As you said, when we create content we have to keep in mind that has to be sharable. However, as marketers, we also have to make sure that the content relates to our brand in order to keep brand consistency. I like how you talk about the emotional part; I think it's an important aspect in developing the brand experience across all marketing vehicles and should be as important as the functionality of our product or service. When you feel something deeply, it’s hard not to talk about it and that should be our main goal. Great topic and great insights! Thank you!!!

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