Sunday, May 11

My NYU Featured Brands

For the "final project" in my NYU graduate class, my students have to pick a brand (any brand) and present a full marketing analysis using the topics/tools we covered all semester long.  It's a very comprehensive review of a brand's marketing and product portfolio that allows the students to pull the pieces together from each class.

Of course for me, the best part is seeing what brands they pick and how they dissect them.  Semester after semester, it's the best night by far!

One group picked Havainas - as in the flip flops from Brazil.  I had no idea the culture behind this brand, and the love of color.  It's so rich ... not sure why the brand doesn't promote it more heavily.

Here's an opening video the team used to kick of their presentation:

Another group picked one of my personal favorite brands ... Red Bull.  This is a fascinating brand to investigate because it's a great example of how as consumers we can experience the brand without ever consuming the product.  The company has distinct efforts against the product line and also against the brand marketing. I'm a lover and I've admittedly never sipped from a can.  Here's an exhilarating video this team used to introduce their presentation:

And finally the third group tackled HBO with a fascinating look at a pioneer in what has become a very competitive, dynamic, and ever-changing category.  No one could have known that all those years ago when HBO first started (which was ground breaking at the time), that they'd not only be producing amazing original content (think Sex in the City as an early example), but that they'd be the inspiration for many others to do the same ... creating intense competition for themselves as well as the big television networks.  The students created a thorough analysis of where the brand lives and where it can go from here in the intense home entertainment industry.

Now this is what I love about teaching ... I learn more from them than they do from me.  Teaching keeps me on my constant journey of being a student of marketing, hopefully getting better and better every year.  And for that, I thank each and every one of my students.

Well done, class!  Best of luck in all your endeavors!

What's your experience?  JIM

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