Saturday, May 24

Seeds of Truth

I attended an agency conference last week, all about sustainability.  It was a fascinating flow of speakers that tackled the topic from many angles, mostly thinking about how brands can/should/do embrace the well-rounded notion of sustainability ... and make it all very tangible and meaningful.

I was struck by one example in particular, particularly as it relates to making it tangible and meaningful.

It's a brand out of Cape Town, South African ... and it's a coffee roaster/shop called Truth Coffee Roasters.  They've tackled their notion of sustainability in such an engaging way, making it all seem just so clear and easy.  With a bit of a WOW, making it core to who they are as a business and a brand.

It's called "Seeds of Truth." Take a look:

I want to do that!  What's your experience?  JIM.

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