Tuesday, May 6

Spider Man 2 & Earth Hour

Ok, just one more post on the movie Spider Man 2, lest you think I'm crazy.

At the risk of overload, I'd like to highlight one more brand partnership with this movie.  I'm partially obsessed because this is the first of many Summer movie blockbuster premieres and I think an early indication of what's to come with movie marketing this year.

But this partnership is different ... it's with Earth Hour, a WWF organization that crowd sources projects that help the planet.  This is a special partnership in that it features the stars of the film, each donating time to crowd source a project of their own for Earth Hour.  Perfectly matched with the essence of Spider Man ... responsibility!

The stars of the movie are actually getting in on the partnership action .. to help save the planet!

Earth Hour and Spider Man join forces to save the planet.

You too can be a super hero, by joining in the event yourself.  Brilliant CSR marketing, and a well rounded partner for the movie to balance out the more commercial interests.  Well done.

What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. Gislaine EdwardsMay 7, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    The Spiderman is partnership with a social initiative such as Earth Hour is amazing and empowering. As the 1st blockbuster movie of the summer, Spiderman is definitely motivating their consumer to get involved with the brand (Spiderman) beyond the movie experience. Ben and Jerry’s made social responsibility part of their core. Similar to Spiderman, Ben and Jerry's ice cream offers one prominent example; the company uses only fair trade ingredients, and developed a dairy farm sustainability program in its home state of Vermont. Check out this video to show how Ben and Jerry’s continue to grow since 1978 uses its influence and brand to help the earth and other community oriented projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M1CxLmgsv8

    1. Gislaine, it's interesting that you bring up social responsibility as a core value of Ben and Jerry's, because Responsibility is at the very core of the Spider-Man character and brand. The motto that motivates him is "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." In encouraging consumers to take part in Earth Hour, and to take action, Sony and the WWF have expanded on an aspect of the brand that has been present since Spider-Man's creation in 1963. They've gone beyond the wish fulfillment aspect of the super hero genre and challenged fans to take responsibility and be heroes in real life. It's a natural fit for the brand, and it looks like it was very successful as all of the projects sponsored by the stars of the film have met their goals!

  2. Yet another great example!!! JIM.

  3. Super Man 2’ partnership with Earth Hour is very smart and right marketing decision. Because “cause marketing” is essential in attracting young consumers nowadays. Many researches has shown that Gen Y responses very well to the brands that are associated with positive impact.

    According to a survey ‘Switching Brands for a Cause’ conducted by Di Marzio Research, 25% of 25 to 34 ages group have switched products or services in the last year due to its support of a charity or cause. Also an online study conducted by Cone Inc. and AMP Insights suggests “61% of 13 to 25 year-old’s feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world. 69% consider a company’s social and environmental commitment when deciding where to shop, and 83% will trust a company more if it is socially or environmentally responsible.” The study also indicates that millennial’s are “the most socially conscious consumers to date.” So when targeting Gen Y, developing a cause marketing campaign is absolutely essential for success.

    Also cause marketing plays an important role in building consumer loyalty. A 2012 Edelman Good Purpose study found that, “The power of purpose is driving consumer preference and loyalty in a world where trust in corporations is low and differentiation between brands is negligible.” Cause marketing can supply an edge that consumers will prefer when choosing between one brand to another that is not involved with non-profits. The survey also indicates that 53% of consumers believe “When quality and price are equal, social purpose ranks as most important factor in selecting a brand.”

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