Monday, May 5

Spider Man and USPS

The movie Spider Man 2 opened this weekend ... to much fanfare, mixed reviews, and a slew of marketing ... with sales of $92 million in the US and close to $370 million worldwide.  While some say that's far from a huge success, when the film cost $255million to make then I would say it's well on its way.

But far more interesting than the film (at least to me), are the brand partnerships.

Of course we are used to seeing blockbuster promotions that bring awareness to summer blockbuster movies, of which Spider Man 2 is the first for this year.  It's become part of our pop culture and it's what's become normal marketing launch behavior for a movie.

But this film picked an unusual big partner, one that can actually benefit from the equity of the film to boost its own marketing.

The United States Postal Service (USPS).

By using imagery from the film, the brand is equating the speed and agility of Spider Man to that of their service.  Smart comparison indeed.

Go into a USPS location, and you can find packaging materials that mimic the film.  Great fun and an especially smart way to get the younger generations familiar with the USPS services over their competitors like FedEx.

Another interesting "partner" to the film is the Boys and Girls Club.  In many cities, the film was debuted at the local Boys and Girls Club location, many celebrities on hand.  What a great way to include the target demographic into the release of the film and give a little back.

This is just the start of the summer 2014 film season, I am sure, with many more brand partnerships on deck.  Keep your eye out for some more interesting pairings and we can discuss them here!

What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. It's very interesting which brands (often unexpectedly) advertise with blockbuster films! Evian is another brand that teamed up with Spider Man 2 to appeal to a younger generation. Aside from being adorable, the Evian Spider-baby ad ( aims to target young parents buying water for their kids. Not dissimilar from the Rio 2 / Vita Coco Kids launch, only Vita Coco used it to brand a different product line.

  2. It's very interesting. Leela, thank you for sharing it!
    I also watched different TV commercials from Evian and I think they are very fun and adorable! This in particular: (
    Evian (in my opinion) understands its potential consumers (their wants & needs); people that regardless their race, age and gender are looking for the same thing: A water bottle that not only refresh their bodies but makes them feel clean and unique. By choosing Evian, they can feel that are drinking pure and clean water, like when we were babies and our bodies were clean and young... Great analogy!

  3. OMG, I have to write about this tomorrow! Never saw it! Thanks for the inspiration! JIM.

  4. When I think about film and brand partnership there’s one campaign that comes to my mind. Last summer, Gillette did massive campaign with Man of Steel with interesting marketing phrase “How does he shave”. I saw that in a subway and found it to be really interesting way to market men’s grooming brand. I think it did very well in terms of connection with a very masculine image and capturing attention by asking interesting question. But I heard that some of the Superman fan debated about the campaign, because the comic already has some suggestions how he shaves (e.g. using a mirror to blast heat rays from his eyes to his whiskers) — which reveals that the brand didn’t do their homework.

  5. The promotion with Gillette won a lot of marketing awards, but that's interesting to hear that it may have been in conflict with the story line of the film! JIM.