Monday, May 5

The Evian Baby and Spider Man 2

Yesterday I wrote about the opening weekend of Spider Man 2, and the movie's partnership with the United States Postal Service.  Very innovative and very smart, especially for building the brand equity of the USPS.

A few of my students in my NYU class quickly pointed out another one of the movie's partners ... Evian water.

The brand smartly took it's Evian baby campaign, which you can watch here:

And brought it to life in the Spider Man theme, which you can also watch here:

Here's what I love about the Evian campaign:  the mix of babies from every race, ethnicity, texture, color, size, shape, and personality.  I just love the message it sends, and what better vehicle than babies?!?  "Live Young" ... don't we all look in the mirror and see our younger selves?

Some have questioned the linkage to the brand, to which I would imagine is all about showing youthfulness, vitality, and energy.  "Live Young!"

So now the brand is linking it to yet another kind of baby ... a Spider Baby (?) showing yet another dimension of diversity and vitality.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - Just noticing that in all the time I've been writing this blog, this is the first time I've written about Evian.  It's about time!


  1. Veronique V - Building the Brand ExperienceMay 6, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    Evian does a tremendous job bringing life to something as basic as water. Instead of taking advantage of their brand position as an elite, premium, luxury bottled water, they are tapping into how living a pure, healthy lifestyle should make people feel: young. It's a great example of harnessing the emotion related to the experience (staying/feeling young and healthy) vs. the function (a premium product to stay hydrated).

    I find this partnership with Spiderman to be incredibly fitting. They could have easily gone the route of Spiderman sipping a prominently branded bottle of Evian after saving Gwen Stacey; instead the commercial is a successful extension of its existing marketing campaign and thus strengthens the overall Evian brand experience.

    Additionally, this commercial is strong because of the childhood connection it makes. Kids look up to superheroes from an early age, and are often their first role models. From carrying lunch boxes to building comic collections to playing dress up to refusing to take off a cape before bedtime, I've found that kids are fascinated with both the moral and physical strength a superhero embodies. Seeing a younger version of yourself as a hero is an experience many people can connect with regardless of age, socio economic status, gender, or race.

  2. When I watched these commercials “twice” ;) I have noticed that their slogan “Live young” sounds very similar with the brand name Evian—and I think they meant to do that by saying in same whispering tone. Definitely it’s clever play on words that creates that immediate connection. Their campaign is very playful and humorous (which is all emotional connections) and I loved their commercial since their launch of EvianBabies ( OMG you have to check out their behind the scene stuff which is even more hilarious: “Evian roller babies interview”

  3. That behinds the scenes stuff is awesome! JIM.

  4. This is a fantastic commericial for Spiderman with the Evian partnership. I agree I love the diversity in babies- it really make it more "humanized" and realatable because that is the reality of society today. I definitely see the link to Spiderman becasue he is a heroci character that has been around a while and any age can enjoy the movie. This ad protrays that youthfulness we all aspire to feel. The Evian "Live Young" message perfectly links to Spiderman and connects to a wide audience. The ad sucessfully taps into the emotional mindset of the viewers and captures the connection.