Thursday, June 19

Bad Customer Service: I'm Over It

There is nothing worse - especially when you are traveling - than going to a restaurant/bar and all you see and hear are the wait staff complaining.  Even worse when the wait staff is more concerned about cleaning up, clearing out, and going home - rather than doing their job and serving food and drink.

There is nothing more damaging to the brand experience than that.

I've had now three repeated experiences like this in a row, all from the same hotel brand ... and I'm over it.  Never going there again ... and it doesn't matter that they have the best rewards points system in the industry.  Points don't make up for awful service.

You know what it's like:  you've flown into a new city, and it's 11:00pm ... you're hungry because there's no food on the plane anymore.  So when the bar/restaurant at the hotel is publicly stated to be open until 1:00am, then you shouldn't get attitude at 11:30pm!  And the wait staff shouldn't be so busy complaining that they leave you sitting at the bar, feeling alone.

I'm over it.  And if you are over it, then get a new job because I'm buying into a new brand.

I understand that you had a long day, that you had to take your kids to the doctor and that you've had customers breathing down your neck all night ... I heard you tell all of your colleagues.  I had a day like that too, and I could have commiserated with you had you acknowledged me.

Note to self - pick the brands that get it ... pick the brands that structure their operations and train their staff to serve the needs of their consumers.

I try to learn from every experience ... this is a wake up call to the bad effects of bad service to the brand's reputation.  Every business should take a hard look at its customer service and make sure it aligns with the brand's values and offerings.  If it doesn't, look to a strategic fix before you start to lose customers.

We've all been there.  What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. Vassilis DalakasJune 26, 2014 at 1:11 PM

    The key issue for me as a consumer is whether I have another choice. If and when I do, the bad experience is enough of a reason to leave and never come back. Thus, no business for me with State Farm since 1994, Avis since 1999, and Ally Bank since 2011... (guess who's in my doghouse?!)

  2. Your right about this, Jim! Businesses should improve their customer service the way they improve their products, especially since customer service is the area that has direct contact with the customers. That being said, the reputation of the company is mostly in their hands. Anyway, thanks for sharing. All the best!

    Tom Coshow@ TeleDirect

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  4. Sometimes you just have to realize that a national organization that has problems somewhere is probably going to have some more problems elsewhere. Organizational leadership is key to having an effective company, and some just haven't taken the necessary steps to fix those deficiencies. I have learned over time to stick with good brands that I trust. Great post.

    Joey @ Amerika Link