Friday, June 13


FINALLY ... a brand that is erasing the typical, old-school stereotypes of dear 'ole Dad.  Well, not the only brand but one of a few and one that absolutely nails it.

"Isn't it time we celebrate Dads?"  Indeed!

The folks at Dove Men+Care do just that ... without a lick of a product mention ... by showing real moments of real Dads in real caring situations.  Along with a study that quotes, "75% of Dads say they are responsible for the emotional well-being of their children."

It's more than just being around, and it's more than just playtime ... it's about emotional well-being.  Bravo!

It's an online campaign timed for Father's Day with lots of social media engagement at #RealDadMoments.  Certainly coming from a brand that seems to get real life, given all the work they've done in "real beauty."

Give it a look, and Happy Father's Day.

Just love all the "Daddy!!!"  It is time we celebrate Dads too!  What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. I tell my kids all the time, "Just remember that Dads are people too!".

  2. Good one, Harry! Happy Father's Day!!! Jim