Friday, June 20

Hello Flo

They say that content marketing should entertain.  I say content marketing should add value, and if that's through entertainment then all the better.  And when it can open up a topic that's hard to talk about, then that's a major victory.

Enter this film from Hello Flo that tackles the age-old problem of being the last to go first ... the drama of a first time period that is.  Hello Flo calls it the "first moon," and shows what it's like to be the last to get it among your friends.

As a Dad I can honestly tell you that it really is one of the most traumatic things to go through - the anticipation, the anxiety, the fear of rejection, the worry of what'll come next ... all before it ever even happens, all when the other friends have already gone through it.  Trust me I was there with heating pad in hand for the entire event.

Well clearly this brand gets it and spins a yarn that tackles every emotion from all parties involved, even the horror of your grandfather finding out. Horror!  If only we'd all had this when we were that age.

But this content marketing isn't really just about entertainment, and it really isn't just content ... it offers up a real solution to something all women face.  In this case, facing the first moon.  Along with a peek at what just might be today's parenting.

You just gotta give this video a look - it is emotional, insightful storytelling at it's finest.  Rooted in deep emotional insights about what it's like to go through this with ultimately a real solution to make it all just a little bit easier.  Bravo!

The brand Hello Flo comes out of no where for me ... must be brand new.  It appears to be promoting the brands Always and Tampax, two brands from Procter & Gamble so perhaps it's one of their properties.   The brand brilliantly offers a subscription service (why didn't anyone think of that before!), as well as "packages" for first moon, going away to camp, and first baby.

Here's a video about the packages for camp:


I just love how they are tackling these somewhat "let's not talk about it" topics with actual solutions.

Other brands have done the same in this category, but not necessarily with an actual new approach to handle it all.

I say "bring us more!"  What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. Sandi --- I loved your comment on Facebook on how this replaces "the movie" from back in our day. So true! JIM.