Thursday, June 12

Stop "Dad Pants" by Dockers

I love when a brand recognizes its weaknesses and confronts them head on.  In my book, it makes that brand more human, approachable, and well, likable.  These are attributes that make people gravitate towards a brand.

Case in point:  Dockers.

Long been criticized for being less than fashionable, perhaps even less than flattering on men.  TBH, the brand never worked for me.

Well evidently the brand was paying attention to social commentary, and seized a moment with a pop culture figure that not only turned the criticism upside down, but put the brand in control of the messaging.

Brilliant.  Makes me consider the brand, actually .. which is exactly the point.

Now this flies in the face of my quest to not trash Dads anymore, but I do see the humor and realness in all of this, which is also the point.

You have to see it to feel it, so please watch this video about how Dockers is tackling "Dad Pants."

Just in time for Father's Day! (btw, a great use of a celebrity spokesperson, IMHO .. the way it should be done)

Marketing is a spectator sport, so let's learn from this brilliant move!

Will this help turn around this brand?  What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - In yet another similar way, here's "Dad Dancing" from Jimmy Fallon ... in honor of this year's Father's Day.  Hysterical!

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