Thursday, June 26

World Cup 2014 Social Media

I watched with great delight (and stress) the US vs Germany soccer game for the 2014 World Cup.  As I've mentioned before, I've become fascinated by the sport for the first time ever, for a variety of reasons.

First of all the math is really interesting.  What it takes for one team to advance, and how that relates to other teams also advancing is just so different than any other sport.  It's a complex matrix that creates an entirely different level of the game.  Completely adds to the sport because it forces you to not only watch your game, but to also track how the others are doing as well, since it will impact everyone's results.  Fascinating.  Plus you can still win, even if you lose.  Who doesn't LOVE that!

Then when you factor in the economic impact of the sport for so many of these countries, it's mind boggling. Literally countries are changed when the team wins.  It's amazing.

And then there's the social media.  By all reports, this World Cup is the biggest social media event ever.  Sure, no one game beats out the Super Bowl for sure, but the collective dialogue across all the games is groundbreaking.  And a ton of fun! No surprise given that Brazil has been noted as the biggest social media market in the world as well.  Seems appropriate right now anyway!

The fans are into it, the teams are into it, celebrities are weighing in ... and even the brands are having fun commenting in real time.  You can "watch" the game without even having it on!

Case in point is the infamous "bite felt 'round the world" and all the commentary that was unleashed.

Major League Baseball tweeted "there's no biting in baseball."

McDonald's suggested that the player bite into a Big Mac instead.

Even Evander Holyfield, ahem, had something to say about it.

The "bite" aside, it's all so exciting.  There were 8 million tweets sent out during the US vs. Portugal game.  8 million!

I hope it finally sticks here in the US, finally, as so many have predicted year after year.  I know I'm into it and I will really try not to be a fair weather friend.  It does feel different this time around, likely because the younger generations who grew up on soccer are watching, and tweeting, with a much more global sense than with prior occasions.

It all feels so new and fresh, with social media keeping it all so engaging as well.  What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - There are some fine heads of hair on the US team ... where is a hair care sponsor when you need one?!?

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