Thursday, July 10

Belts and/or Socks

I'm sure you've noticed the big fashion splash for men of late ... colorful, graphic socks.

I see men of all sizes, ages, and flavors wearing them.  It's hard not to notice, they stick out from the bottom of their pants like a neon sign.

For me personally, bold socks don't work.  I'm not that into shoes, to tell you the truth, so there's no reason I would be into socks either.  I don't like people looking down when they look at me.  Plus I'm into colorful shirts and Mama always told me, "One gimmick at a time!"

But I love them on other guys, particularly if there there's not a lot of color elsewhere in the outfit.  As they say, a little pop of color makes a statement.

But there is also another trend in men's fashion that I am all over, and have been for years:  belts.  Even the NYTimes says that they're in.

I love belts.  Big clunky belts with big buckles.

First of all, they look good with jeans, colored pants, and even suits when coordinated the right way.  Second of all , they are super comfortable because they help to hold it all in, if you know what I mean.  And most importantly, there's something about a big belt that makes you look slimmer.  Coupled with the right pants and shirt, it completes the look.  Even with a t-shirt for the summer.

Evidently, they are catching on and catching up with socks.  I'm into it.  While I wouldn't do it, I think you could even coordinate your belt with your socks, if you do it right.  You should absolutely match the belt with your shoes though ... leather to leather coordination is key.

If you've already embraced the sock trend, give a belt a try.  You just might like it!  Make it a part of your "brand."

Let me know ... what's your experience?  JIM.

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