Thursday, July 17

Colbie Caillat - Try

My daughter turned me onto this new song from Colbie Caillat.  Now she is certainly not the first to tackle the expectations around beauty for women ... but she's doing it in a real way, which I absolutely love.  She's tackling all the behaviors that come along with those expectations ... behaviors that we might not really enjoy too much.

The new song and video are completely captivating, in their simplicity and clear messaging.  Colbie is tackling all the things we do to try to be liked.

"You don't have to try so hard.  You don't have to give it all away.  You just have to get up.  You don't have to change a single thing.  You don't have to bend until you break.  You don't have to try."

"Do you like you?"  

Exactly.  Well played, Colbie.  Such a positive message of letting go, of not trying so darn hard, and putting aside all the things we do because we think we have to.  While it's targeted to women, it's for women of any age.  And I'd throw in that it's for men too, because I completely resonated with it as well.  I like your brand, Colbie.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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