Wednesday, July 23

Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads

I honestly haven't gotten a pharmaceutical prescription filled in a very long time.  I had read that there's been an epidemic of fraudulent scripts, as people use fake prescription pads to gain access to drugs, but I hadn't realized how much the pads had changed as a result.

They've become completely tamper resistant.

First of all there's a bar code on them now, keyed to the doctor who is authorized to write them out.  There's a unique serial number as well.

Plus if you try to photocopy it, a watermark appears rendering it invalid.

Now this does vary by state, but from what I understand most if not all of the states are following suit.

Pretty serious stuff for a serious problem.  These prescription pads have come a long way to help prevent a very serious issue.  Back in the day, pads could be easily stolen and photocopied, hence leading to the problem of fraudulent scripts.

I'm happy to see the advances to keep people safe.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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