Tuesday, July 22

Share a Coke

I love the summer, always have.  It's not just the long days and hot weather, but all of the summer-time activity that comes along with it.  There's always a big summer song, big summer movie, big summer concert series ... and always a big summer marketing campaign from a major brand.

This summer the limelight belongs to the "Share a Coke" campaign.

It's just plain 'ole fun to buy a Diet Coke with your name on it, or give one to a friend that says "BFF," or "Gorgeous," or "Family" on it.  And a brilliant move on the part of the brand to get us to buy that extra soda for a friend or to switch from another brand because our name is on it.  I know I've bought a lot more this summer as a result.

It's just pure fun, nothing more and nothing less.  The other phenomenon I've noticed is that people are taking shots of their cans or bottles and posting them on social media, especially Instagram.  Now many of them are taking those shots in store without making a purchase, but I have to believe that the behavior is still building the brand, and I'm betting the brand managers don't mind all that much.  It's putting the brand out into the social sphere in a very fun way.

I'm sure it's quite a feat to pull off the manufacturing and distribution of all those names, but it sure is worth it.  It's the campaign of the summer IMHO.

Have you shared a Coke?  What's your experience?  JIM

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