Wednesday, July 30

SKYY Vodka - Social Norms

SKYY Vodka released a new "campaign" recently, teaching us modern day drinking etiquette

The brand is using a quirky character to send us simple little messages about our social activity when drinking.  Little character flaws that many of us will recognize.  "Creative" aside, it's an interesting campaign meant to get us all talking about our own behavior.

Like putting the phone down and paying attention to who we are with.

Like not texting while drinking.

Even on tipping the bar tender.

The brand is clearly trying to make these videos go viral, which they very well may.  It'll be interesting to watch the mix of media they end of using to get traction ... I saw one on Bravo last night.   Videos don't go viral on their own, unless of course Jimmy Fallon picks them up, and as a brand you have to make even that happen.

I think it's interesting to see a brand take on social behavior and social norms, especially on a topic where the norms have changed so much.  Bar culture has evolved with the new generation, and with hand-held technology.  We are with both the folks in front of us as well as the folks networked on our smart phone.  It's an interesting clash of social circles, when you really think about it.  SKYY is asking us to think about it.

Is it acceptable to be texting while you are with your friends?  Should you even have your phone "out" when you are "out?"  What do you call your bartender, and do you need to have a "relationship" with him/her?

Here's a brand throwing themselves into the conversation, by sparking the conversation ... a conversation that is perfectly appropriate and very timely.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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