Thursday, July 10

The War of the Safety Videos

I've been traveling a lot this week, a lot.  I've literally been on a flight every day this week, and it's only Thursday.  I'll be flying back to New York later this afternoon.

Friday there will be no flights, just a NJ Transit train ride to my home in PA.  No seatbelt required.

There's been a secret, or not so secret, competitive war going on with the airlines that many have noticed, commented on, and shared:  the safety video.

Not sure if it was started by Southwest Airlines (flew that one yesterday) or Virgin (flew that one earlier in the week), but it seems like every airline is trying to up the game and the entertainment value with their safety videos.

Some seem like entertainment value for pure entertainment value's sake, IMHO.  While I appreciate the production value, some seem kind of inappropriate to my taste.  While others seem kind of obvious and way too purposeful.

These are safety videos, after all.  While I am all about the total brand experience, let's not get carried away folks.

And then along comes Icelandair.  I didn't fly them this week, nor have I ever.  But now I want to.

They've tackled the safety video in such an appropriate, branded way.  They make me WANT to fly their airline and visit their country.  Which aside from communicating important safety information, isn't that the whole point, isn't it?!?

It's a safety video that covers safety yet brings home a brand and a home country.  Bravo!

Take a look and let me know what you think:

What's your experience?  JIM

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