Wednesday, August 6

Do US A Flavor

There's been a crowdsourcing competition over at Lay's potato chips that we are now starting to see at retail.

The brand had consumers create new flavors of chips and then had the public vote on the most interesting.  Four of them made it into production and are now on sale across the country.  I witnessed a massive display at a grocery store just this weekend.

Contestants had to pick a chip style and then create a flavors.  Here are the flavors that made it:
- Cappuccino
- Bacon Mac & Cheese
- Mango Salsa
- Wasabi Ginger

Each of the finalists has their name on the package to boot!  The ultimate winner gets a million bucks.

While certainly not the first of its kind (hello HaagenDazs), and also not the first for this brand either (remember Chicken & Waffles), it is a fun promotion and a great way to engage their chip-loving audience.

But the flavors!  Wow, there has been some interesting commentary on them, and I'm not sure how much love there is for them.  I'm personally not sure about them to be honest.  But before I judge, I will taste and then I will vote for the finalist.  It's all under the name Do US A Flavor.

Isn't that the point?  Engage with consumers on something provocative to get them talking.  They're talking and writing.

If you'd like to vote, here's the link.  Wasabi Ginger?  I don't know ...

Let me know what you think.  What's your experience?  JIM.

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