Tuesday, August 19

Lands' End

When it comes to marketing, the devil is in the details.  And data can certainly help you navigate those details and help you make good decisions.

Just ask Lands' End.

They recently sent out free magazine copies in their shipments, but apparently they didn't check the content carefully.  There were some covers that customers didn't think were brand-friendly, or family-friendly for that matter, and they got quite vocal.

Provocative magazine covers that may be suitable for some, but only if you have your targeting right.

And only if your customer data points you in the right direction in terms of what's appropriate to add to a shipment.

Here's the GQ cover that was added to many a shipment, with some customers getting quite upset:

The Moms in particular were quite vocal.

This is why we do CRM (customer relationship marketing) and this is why we use data to do it right.  To avoid these kinds of mistakes.  A free gift with purchase is a wonderful thing, but only if your customer thinks it's wonderful.

It's important to learn from each other.  The lesson here is to check your details twice.  Make sure everything is aligned towards what you know will add value to your customer.  Pay attention to the details.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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