Thursday, August 28

Dating Naked

My college-aged kids turned me onto a new show on VH1 called "Dating Naked."

It's a mix it up, date it up show where they pair partners who go on dates with multiple people so that they can choose the best "match."

The hook?  They're all naked.  Nothing left to the imagination.

Ok, it's on television so there's a lot of blurring ... but there's still not much left to the imagination.  Evidently one "contestant" has already complained because the blurring wasn't to her satisfaction.

Adweek recently ran an article noting that "Dating Naked" is just one in a string of "naked" shows.

Hmmm, I don't know.

I'm all for pushing creative boundaries and I'm all for advancing our craft of entertainment.  And admittedly I've watched a few episodes out of sheer curiosity.

Did curiosity kill the cat?  Not yet, but I'm not sure how much I'll tune in.  It gets old very fast, and you honestly lose sight of the nakedness after awhile.

One contestant put it appropriately and yet ironically:  dating in the nude allows you to really see what the person is like inside.  I actually buy the appropriateness and the irony.

Do I worry about kids watching?  No, that's what parents are for and that's what parental controls are for.

Do I worry that it opens up other shows to go even further?  That's not a worry, that's a reality my friends.

We are always going to push the envelope.  That's how cable television and then subscription television have been able to dominate.  They push the envelope.

This is just a recent example IMHO, and VH1's attempt to continually build an audience.

What's your experience?  JIM.


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