Tuesday, August 12

Overstock.com Pet Adoptions

I've never paid much attention to the brand Overstock.com, to be totally honest, mostly because I don't necessarily understand what it is.

Although I have ordered furniture for work from the site from the past, I never really paid enough attention to really engage in the brand.  I'm not really sure why, it was just never on my radar.

But then over the weekend, the brand took on a whole new meaning when I saw a television spot for their pet adoption public service.

And who says television advertising is dead?

I immediately went to their site to see what this was all about, and sure enough there was an entire section devoted to pet adoptions, created as a public service.  Not only can you adopt a specific pet by geography or breed, but you can learn about the best breed for your lifestyle.  The site connects visitors with animal shelters all across the country, for free.

Holy cow.  It makes a lot of sense ... here are extra pets that need homes ... an over stock of sorts.  I love it!

So of course, I browsed the site to see what else was up and I was pleasantly delighted to see an entire section devoted to local artisan trade.  I stayed on the site for quite some time, tooling around, and plan to go back to order a few things for my home.

Who knew?

This is a classic example of good marketing:  offering a new service that will attract a new audience, who then very well may engage in your core services as well.  And if we ever decide to get another dog, guess where I'm going!?!

Bravo!  CSR in action, with televisions advertising driving online traffic.

Check it out and let me know ... what's your experience?  JIM.

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