Friday, August 15

Reebok's Human Billboards

Reebok is running an interesting promotion ... he who gets the biggest tattoo of the Reebok logo wins a year-long sponsorship deal.

It's a pretty cool engagement program for the Reebok CrossFit brand in Sweden.  ReebokForever, "Pain is temporary, Reebok is forever."

For one day, the brand is giving free tattoos to aficionados and fitness junkies ... and size matters because the biggest logo wins.  It'll be interesting to see who does win, and how big it really gets!

This isn't the first brand to try to create human billboards with human billboards via tattoos, just take a look at all the sports teams and how they try to get fans to billboard themselves.

Even Reebok did it last year at SXSW where a bunch of folks got free tattoos of the brand.

I guess it's the sign of true love if you are willing to permanently brand yourself, so indeed the brand should give something back in return.  A sponsorship deal isn't too bad.

Would you do it?  What's your experience?  JIM.

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