Tuesday, September 9

BuyPartisan App

Not too long ago I loaded an app onto my smart phone that educates me on the food choices I make:  Fooducate.

I simply scan the bar code of what I'm about to buy or eat, and it grades it for me based on the nutritional value of the food.  If I just stick with A's and B's, I figure I have a plan to eat better.  It's super helpful.  An informed consumer is a smart consumer, right?

Well now there's a new app in beta test that takes this to another place:  political contributions.


This new app helps educate me on the political donations of my favorite brands.  By once again scanning the bar code, I can see where the company puts its money:  Republican or Democrat.

And let me tell you, it's a pretty rich app.  You can see where the employees put their money (not sure how) vs. where the leadership of the company puts its money.  You can even compare two companies side by side.

It's the ultimate in corporate transparency, and yet another way that we can weigh our brand choices.

In an era where we as consumers want to know about the companies and brands we frequent and support, this is a great new tool in our library of gadgets.  Now in an instant I can find out calorie counts, fat content, and political beliefs ... right on my smart phone, right at the grocery store, and right as I make my purchase decision.

Pretty smart.  What's your experience?  JIM.

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