Monday, September 29

KLM Lost & Found

The airline industry is a interesting business to watch from a marketing perspective ... all the brands fight it out to differentiate themselves, but few succeed quite honestly.  There are the fare wars, the safety video wars, the luggage wars ... they each try to one-up the other in an effort to engage consumers.

Now along comes KLM with a masterful attempt.  I'm not sure how far it'll go or how great of an impact it will have on their sales, but it's very insightful.

Losing stuff while traveling is a huge inconvenience and a major source of stress from the moment you realize you've left something behind.

I just lost my smart phone the other day (although luckily it was quickly retrieved), and I went into panic mode.  Thankfully I had it password protected.  

So to have man's best friend do a search and return is just a wonderful feel-good, making us feel good about the airline.  Give this video a watch:

Totally makes me feel differently about KLM, an airline that I honestly didn't have on my radar but now I have great admiration for the brand.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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