Sunday, September 14

#NYFW2014 - Fashion Week News

Last week was Fashion Week in New York and you could certainly feel the buzz in the air, without a doubt.  The restaurants were packed, taxis were all jammed, and the news was filled with notes of fashion.  It's one of the best weeks in New York.

E! was filming and reporting from the official events all week long, so all you had to do to keep up was click on the channel or the website.  For this week, E! became Fashion TV, although I must admit that I terribly miss Joan.

The hero of the week was Ralph Lauren, whose Vegas-style "4-D" extravaganza in Central Park (at 9:30pm Monday night) was a show-stopper for sure.

But not all of the news was tied to official Fashion Week events.

The show-stealer of the week was the appropriately named "Scarf Guy" who took over the social media buzz when we first saw him during the Apple brand announcement last week.  Having nothing to do with Fashion Week, he certainly made the fashion news around the country.

One brand that took away it's "brand" a few weeks back was still the talk of the town ... Abercrombie & Fitch.  They recently announced that the brand name will no longer appear so outwardly and dominantly on its clothing.  The announcement included "research" that their millennial consumers don't like overt branding, so the brand is merely addressing their customer's needs.  Many beg to differ:  it's the Abercrombie & Fitch brand that they don't want.

The over-exposed award goes to Kendall Jenner who is already managing to wear herself out.  She was everywhere during Fashion Week, and always in front of a camera.  While many says she's a beauty, many also say she'll be done before her time if she doesn't take it easy.

What a week!  Anything to report on your end?  What's your experience?  JIM.

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