Thursday, September 4

US Open Sponsors

When I was young, I was massively into tennis ... I practically slept with my Wilson T-230 racquet

(I think that was the model number; can't believe I even remember it).

As an adult, the sport has fallen by the wayside for me, but I do still enjoy watching a match or two on television and it's always great fun to watch a little of the US Open, especially living in New York.

I have to admit that I've disengaged for the last few years, so there's one thing that really struck me this season when I tuned back in ... it's so blue!  Everything looks so blue!

Which must please at least one of the major sponsors, Chase, who's signature color is also the same blue.  The blue back drop completely drowns out all of the other sponsors, leaving Chase appearing to be the only title sponsor.  For me, Chase is very "New York," so it's somewhat fitting.

Well that and the perfectly placed iconic Mercedes Benz logos on either side of the net.

See, I'm marketing obsessed and I notice these things!

Chase also created a custom piece of advertising to promote their mobile app.  I personally appreciate the creative because it gives a nod to those of us who have been around the sport for awhile, yet also celebrates the newer generations.  The "inside" joke may not be so inside, however.

I wouldn't say that tennis is a well-marketed sport per se, and there's not a lot of brand activity when you compare it to say football, baseball, or soccer.  So we have to take it while we can.

But it is interesting to see some unsuspecting brands that have taken on sponsorship deals, in addition to Chase and Wilson:  Emirates Airlines, Visit Orlando, LG, and Chia Pod.

Chia Pod?  Yes, it's a new high energy breakfast that I believe is just starting to see the light of day.  Each cup has a full serving of chia seeds (!) mixed in with coconut milk and fruit.

The breakfast of champions?  Oh, that's another brand!

What's your experience?  JIM.

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