Wednesday, October 1

Biggest Marketing Moments of 2014

My students in my NYU class have homework every week, no surprise.

This week's assignment was to outline what they consider to be the biggest marketing moment so far this year.

I have to admit I was surprised at some of the submissions.

Sure, I anticipated seeing Ellen's selfie from the Oscars.  Check.

I figured someone who say the iPhone 6 Launch.  Check.

Share a Coke was sure to make the list.  Check.

No surprises there.

ISIS use of social media?  Do explain, please ... it changed many of the social media outlets' policies regarding monitoring of posts and censoring.  That's big.

Apple hiring former CEO of Burberry.  It signaled a focus on accessories and pop culture.

FIFA and the US Soccer Team.  Some say it changed the face of soccer in the US forever, giving it a face and an audience.

So much fun!  I say it all the time:  I learn more from the students then they learn from me.

What would be your pick for the biggest marketing moment so far this year?  What's your experience?  JIM

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