Thursday, October 23


FCKH8 ... as in "F@&K HATE" (sorry for the language) just released a shocking video to draw attention to women's rights.

There's shock value to be sure, and in fact when you watch the video linked below you need to do it knowing that you've put your headphones on and you won't be offended.  And you may not want the kids to see it quite yet.

The message is clear ... the point isn't that these little girls are cursing, the point is that they are growing up in a world that is still filled with inequality.

In this case, the inequality is against women, but it's universal in my book and from FCKH8's POV.  In this case the video is raising money for women's charities, but the organization tackles anyone and everyone who faces hatred.  I have to applaud that.

F@&K HATE is exactly right.  Hate has done a lot more damage than the word F@&K.

Click here to give it a view.

I've heard it said that the message gets lost in the shock value.   Maybe, if you turn it off the instant it starts.  But I don't think that's the case.  I've also heard it said that the stats are exaggerated to make the point.  Could be, not sure.  I have even heard it said that it's exploiting kids.  I don't personally like the treatment TBH but ...  I do get the point.  Putting these girls up to the task is a bit harsh IMO, but I still like the message.

I don't know much about the organization either, but they seem to stay consistent with their messaging across multiple topics.

I viewed the video far a bigger picture POV ... a curse word means nothing in the scheme of things.  It's the inequality and the treatment of women (and anyone facing hatred) that is far more damaging.  Hate is far more damaging.

I get it.  I respect it.  I love the message.   The organization must have felt the need to scream in order to be heard.  I get that too.  Even though there's a cringe factor to it for sure.

What's your take?  What's your experience?  JIM.

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