Tuesday, October 14


It's October ... so you know what that means ... pink!

Pink, pink, pink.

It's amazing when a brand can completely take over a color, and own it.  Breast cancer certainly owns the color pink.  And I don't think there's ever been another brand or cause or activity that has owned a color more.

As someone who has certainly had cancer impact my family's life, I applaud the activity.

I'm certainly not going to get into the politics of it all here, but I do think it's fair to acknowledge the debate about over exposure and the excessive use of pink.  Some people think it's gotten to be too much.


Fuel oil?


And  ... J. C. Penney?

A little proof that as marketers we have to be careful about how we use "pink."  While the brand can't seem to get a break, they've gotten more than their share of commentary on this year's "pink" advertising.  I'd chock it up to a bad execution because I'm sure the intentions were good.

What's your take on "pink?"  What's your experience?  JIM.

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