Thursday, October 16

Starbucks Art

I talk about Starbucks a lot, not just because it's a personal brand fav of mine but because it's a classic example of a brand that has been able to infiltrate people's lives way beyond you'd ever imagine a product being able to do.  In this case coffee.

It's a powerhouse, benchmark brand.

First of all, when a brand can extend beyond it's functional benefit (caffeine to wake you up) to a much higher emotional benefit (being part of the community fabric), then you're onto something.

Second of all, when you can drop the product name from your logo and identity (i.e. coffee) and still be known better than ever, then you're onto the next level.  You've gone way beyond the product.

And then thirdly, when pop culture starts to play with who you are, extending who you are, celebrating who you are, then you've reached a level that very few brands ever attain.

Take a look at this artwork from an artist in Asia ... and what he's able to do with the Starbucks logo.

Amazing!  What's your experience?   JIM.

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