Tuesday, November 11

Victoria's Secret, Perfect

I literally just wrote an article for Huffington Post about the incredible shopping experience at Victoria's Secret.   You can read about it here, if you'd like ... and then bam, the brand is in the news.

Despite my sincere respect for the company's in-store environment and services, I have struggled for years with their branding and marketing.  Not so much as a marketer, but as a consumer.  Or should I say the father of a consumer.

But my daughter and I have been able to put that aside given how much the sales associates help their clientele, including both of us, in store.  We don't relate to the imagery, just to the customer service and the strength of the product lines.

Which is why I wasn't surprised to hear about the latest upset over the brand's new campaign touting "the perfect body."  The brand is nothing if it's not consistent.

But this time around the brand responded to its critics, its very vocal critics, and changed the messaging.
Now the campaign reads "a body for every body."

Well played, and probably where the brand should be sitting anyway.  Interesting, the brand didn't outwardly say that they made the change, they just quietly made it online.  To me, they should take some credit for listening to their consumers.

Now some are upset that not everything has changed yet, including the in-store displays that still say "the perfect body."  But I say, "all in due time."  Let's hope anyway.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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