Monday, December 8

Canada Goose

It suddenly turned cold in New York this week, seemingly out of the blue.  I know that I shouldn't be surprised, it is December in the Northeast after all.

But forget about the weather, I'm witnessing fashion marketing in action and I'm fascinated by it.

The brand Canada Goose is everywhere.  Everywhere!  So much so that I asked a friend who owns a retail clothing store if there was a huge sale or something at the outlets.

He laughed at me.

It's the hottest thing since Hunter Boots, evidently.

This is fashion marketing in action ... you see something you've never heard of before and it barely hits your radar.  Then you see a few people who you personally think are cool wearing it too, and it becomes something that you are "instantly" aware of.  Then you see it on "everybody" and you suddenly want to join the club.  This without ever seeing a stitch of advertising or promotion ... just people on the streets.  Very cool streets at that ... which is exactly why they are wearing the brand.

Throw in an easily recognizable and iconic logo, and you're good to go viral.

Just like with Hunter Boots.

I did a little digging.  These folks know cold weather, and they know how to talk to us.  Their T.E.I. system helps you select the depth of protection you need, based on the weather you face.  As is says on the website, "For anyone who’s braved a polar vortex, been caught in a sudden downpour, or chilled by an unexpected breeze, a jacket is so much more than just a jacket."  Never mind Canada, that's 7th Avenue in NYC!

Does this mean I'll be wearing Canada Goose soon?  Maybe.  Or it'll be under the tree for someone in my family, either way.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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