Friday, December 12

It's Just Another Video

I don't care how much we say times have changed, and they have, many of our emotions have not.

Life is still a struggle and we all still have obstacles we have to overcome.  Like telling people "I'm gay."

Here's a video from YouTube sensation Connor Franta ... telling the world that he's gay.  To hear him struggling to find the words is nothing short of inspiring, and reminds me of my own struggles back in the day.  Even today for that matter.

As he says, "it's just another video" ... but a raw reminder of what we each have to go through.

Let's hope it inspires others to accept themselves and to accept others.

What's your experience?  JIM


  1. Here's to the day when a video like this won't even have to be done, when gay/straight/bi/whatever is just accepted and no one really cares what sexual orientation we are. Thanks for sharing.