Tuesday, December 2

Tide and the #SAHD

Ever so slowly and ever so quietly, the brand Tide (with partner brand Downey) has been consciously changing the perceptions of dad, particularly stay-at-home dad, in their advertising and ultimately in our pop culture.  It's a case of fiction reflecting reality ... and influencing perceptions.

I written a lot about brands that show the bumbly, fumbly dad ... now here's one that is celebrating the #SAHD.  Bravo!  Hits near and dear to my heart.

I can personally relate as the dad who did the family laundry for years on end, and in fact I still do the laundry when my kids are home from college.  I actually enjoy doing the laundry ... there's something quite therapeutic about it.

Bravo to Tide and Downey ... Here's "Dad and the Princess Dress:"

Nothing over done, nothing too dramatic.  But from what I see in social media, pretty indicative of the role dads are playing whether they are #SAHD or just #DAD.

Well played.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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