Saturday, January 17

2015 #Exp Schedule

We recently kicked off the 2015 pop culture season with The Golden Globes, which means we also kicked off our #Exp Twitter Parties. 

Once again, despite any views on the awards show itself, we did not disappoint online. Tons of fun.

I thought it would be helpful to publish this year's calendar, so we can prep and do our finger exercises in advance. Join us for the fun, as we comment on the marketing and anything else we feel like!

     #SuperBowlExp on 2/1/15

     #GrammyExp on 2/8/15

     #OscarExp on 2/22/15

     #EmmyExp on 8/30/15

     #AMAExp on 11/22/15

And who knows, we may throw in a few others here and there!

Hope to tweet you!  What's your experience?  JIM

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