Thursday, January 15

Axe...No Big Deal

Arguable one of the most "heterosexual" brands on the planet, Axe seems to be breaking down barriers, at least through its Australian counterpart Lynx.  And it seems as if the messaging might be expanding out from down under.

While it feels like a departure, it's completely reflective of millennial beliefs, and hopefully shaping them at the same time.

The brand seems to be expanding its definition of sexuality, becoming much more inclusive.  And they seem to be challenging societal norms in the process.

It's not just about getting the girl.

Here's a new piece of video from the brand, called Lynx in Australia...which is soon to roll out into other markets.  It tackles aspirations like family and career...and kissing the hottest girl, or kissing the hottest boy. Whichever.

Bravo Axe!  I love when a brand evolves with society, and pushes society forward all at the same time.

First of all, the brand clearly gets that guys TOTALLY care about their hair. In fact, we obsess about our hair. It's the one part of grooming that we really care about. It's part of our virility, to be honest. Most guys won't readily admit it, but it's true. I've spent years in hair care studying it.

But then there's the way the brand  handled sexuality...kissing a girl or a to be commended. It's no big deal. This coming from a "guy's brand." And clearly they don't care, so why should anyone else. It's no big deal, but the hair certainly is.

As it should be. Now I'm off to fix my hair.

What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - The other brilliant insight here..."have great hair while you still have it!"  Brilliant.

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