Thursday, January 22

Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Drama

Ok, so this wasn't one of my Super Bowl predictions because, quite honestly, it's just too expected.

Carl's Jr. released its 2015 Super Bowl great hysteria. Social media lit up immediately, with negative commentary to the left and to the right.

If it takes shock value to win the Super Bowl advertising game, then Carl's Jr is off to a good start.

Now if you are going to argue that this is the brand's tradition, then I might be with you. We've seen this ad many many times before; there are no surprises here. The all natural messaging is nothing but ironic, I'll give them that. But otherwise, what's so special here?

I get it, it's the Super Bowl. 53% of the viewers are men, and I suppose there's still space for using sex to sell. It's basic targeting, that's all. But we've seen this before, so why all the interest and hype?

I'm looking forward to far more innovative creative on the big day.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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