Thursday, January 8

Cars, Cars, Cars

I'm out in Las Vegas for CES this year...always an adventure and this year is no exception.

Everyone wants to know what "the big thing" is at CES every year. And then there's great expressions of either disappointment or excitement, based on the social commentary and your individual point of view.

This year, it seems like it's all about cars. Connected cars, smart cars, cars of the future. Cars, cars, cars. A taxi driver asked me yesterday if there were any flying cars. Not yet, but maybe next year.

Funny, because there's also been some speculation that there won't be as many car advertisers for the Super Bowl this year. We can almost always count on the car brands to dominate the commercial airspace during the big game, right up there with the beverage brands. But maybe not this year? Perhaps they spent their marketing budget at CES instead?

At $4.5 million for a thirty-second spot, who could blame them for passing? But I have a feeling that the jury is still out, since I understand there are still a few spots open to buy.

Anyone up for it? What's your experience? JIM.

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