Tuesday, January 6

RadioShack Re-done

The year end lists are pretty much over for 2014, but there's one more I'd like to stick in before I leave the topic permanently.

Biggest comeback brand?  RadioShack?

Right around this time last year, actually at the SuperBowl, RadioShack announced its intention to turn around.  The brand admitted its failings, and acknowledged that it hadn't had an update since, well, the '80's.  Their SuperBowl spot was among many people's favorites:

I for one really appreciated the brand's honesty.

Flash forward about ten months, and I witnessed first hand one of their refurbished stores.  So well done, so contemporary, and so inviting ... but will it be enough?  The store also had a real local flair that is hard for a national retail chain to pull off.  Well done.  But will it be enough?  The brand has a long way to go to climb back up.

But I will say that the store actually made me smile, thinking back to when "the '80's called!"  I was happy to see that they carried through on their promise.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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