Tuesday, January 27

Super Bowl 2015 Advertising Previews

While we have spent the last few days debating deflated balls and anticipating accumulated inches, brands started previewing their upcoming Super Bowl advertising with great intensity.

Brands like Lexus, Toyota, and Bud Light came out earlier this month...hoping that the early bird gets the worm. In the last few days, however, many brands have kicked it up a notch to get more bang for their Super Bowl buck.

Like Mercedes-Benz who launched their spot on Ellen, complete with an audience contest that not only replicated the advertising content, but also culminated in two audiences members walking (or driving) away with new cars!

After teasing us with video content the last couple of weeks, Victoria's Secret debuted its Super Bowl spot on Good Morning America. Good morning indeed. While the teasers showed "the angels" playing football, the advertising ultimately stayed truer to the brand with little to disappoint loyal fans.

Certainly no stranger to intense exposure, the cutest preview (at least for me) so far this season came out last night from T-Mobile, featuring Kim Kardashian. Yes, we've seen a lot of her lately but she's finally admitting it (thankfully)..with a direct tie to the brand, tackling a "hot" topic in mobile service these days. A nice little ditty, surprisingly.

The week has just begun...as the buildup to the big game intensifies and as we get #DeflateGate and #SnowMageddon2015 behind us,...we can revel in the creativity, entertainment, and fun that is Super Bowl advertising. The game isn't over yet. Is the biggest and best yet to come? I have a feeling...

What's your experience? JIM.

PS -- I'll be tweeting live during the Super Bowl, all about the advertising, at #SuperBowlExp. Hope to see you there!

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