Friday, February 6

Super Bowl Social Media

We've been talking for weeks about all the Super Bowl advertising, and rightly's a lot of fun and it's the one time in the year where we really relish in marketing. It's the most wonderful time of the year, actually!

But this year, more so than ever, there was a lot of activity off the field and off the big screen in social media. The brands came out in full force to support their broadcast advertising. And non-advertisers used social media as a way to get into the game without the hefty $4.5million price tag.

I thought I'd put a spotlight on a few standouts.

McDonald's Lovin'.  From the minute the brand's spot ran in the Super Bowl, social media activity kicked in giving away lots of 'loving. After many of the big advertisers ran their spots, the brand had a contest giving away prizes tied to that advertising. So for a simple RT, followers could win a BMW, a classic arcade game like Pac-Man, a Mercedes, and even tickets to the movie Ted. I was lovin' it. This one really got me...

Doritos "Airplane Guy." Doritos continued its crowd-sourced campaign with a crowd-pleasing spoof on choosing airplane seats. Southwest Airlines picked up on the parody, and offered a free drink and a bag of Doritos to anyone who took a selfie from a middle seat.

Coca-Cola erases hate. The best campaign of the night for me came from Coca-Cola where the brand continued its "happiness" campaign by tackling negativity on social media. The campaign moved online where it sent fun happiness visuals to followers who tweeted "hate" that needed to be erased. The online campaign backfired a bit when some folks decided to test the waters, shall we say. USAToday wrote an article about it where I'm quoted as well. I still think the campaign was fabulous, with or without the drama.

I think this year, more than ever, we proved the power of social media when used in conjunction with great advertising...and we proved that not all the action and drama happens on the field!

What's your experience? JIM

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