Thursday, February 5

Why Advertise on the Super Bowl?

Year after year, game after question remains...Why advertise on the Super Bowl? Is it worth it? What's the ROI?

The truth is that no one, to my eye, has been able to prove ROI on what is now a $4.5million Super Bowl :30 slot. That's a lot of profit to create, even if you're a $75,000 car. In fact, the data probably stacks up against running a spot, if you were to only look at the return on the financials.

So the question remains...Why advertise on the Super Bowl?

The answer is completely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish as a brand. If your goal is to move product and generate quick sales, then I'd argue that this is not the venue. If you're looking to drive an immediate impact of some sort, then I'd also argue that this is not the place to place an ad.

But if your goals are a bit softer, then it might in fact make sense to advertise on the Super Bowl. The audience is about as massive as you can get in one shot, and the ramp up and ramp down are becoming more and more effective for additional reach surrounding your campaign.  So if you are looking to:
- raise awareness...
- change perceptions...
- weave yourself into pop culture...
...then I could easily put in a play for the Super Bowl.

Let's take a look at some examples.

Always #LikeAGirl. This was a viral campaign that has already logged in great success. It's only natural to take it to a big venue like the Super Bowl to give a quick reminder for those who have already experienced it, or to open up a whole new audience among those who have not.

McDonald's Get Lovin' campaign. The brand took a significant detour, in my mind, in setting itself up in people's minds differently. This is advertising meant to alter the positioning of the brand, and I'd argue that it does an amazing job. Lob in some social media to support the Super Bowl presence, and you just might have a winner during the big game.

Budweiser equity ad. We've come to expect great storytelling and great entertainment value from Budweiser at each and every Super Bowl. The Clydesdales are every bit a part of the brand as they are the Super Bowl as they are America itself. It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without the brand and the equity they've built through the years. So of course they are going to advertise again and again and again!

Will these brands get an ROI on their Super Bowl investment?  Yes, in the long run I believe that they will...because they have the right objectives in mind.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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